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Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance societal value through educating organizations about the principles around innovation. If companies understand and apply the foundational components of innovation, they are bound to build offerings that enhance lives, and that is what we are striving for. We treat innovation as a science, research it and try and advance the discipline of Innovation Science.

There are no tools to buy, no one-size-fits-all methodologies to adopt, no software platforms to deploy, and no quick-fix solutions to implement. Organizations simply need to understand that innovation is an ongoing process that will outlive every tool and methodology. There are numerous variables, both within and outside your control, that influence innovation and your best bet for innovation is to understand them and strive for their presence.

We simply want you to get educated on the true principles that drive innovation.

We don’t sell anything. Much of our research is covered in The Innovation Biome at <learn more here>.

Kumar is available to consult and speak at events and enhance the efficacy of your innovation process. However, you can learn a lot from simply reading The Innovation Biome.

No one can guarantee that any single approach is going to make you successful at innovation (and if anyone does, turn the other way), but creating a sustained environment that supports innovation—an innovation biome—is the first step.

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