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Kumar Mehta keynote

Keynote Speaker

Kumar delivers inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes and presentations that get audiences to truly understand innovation and immediately use the principles to affect transformational change.  Kumar has delivered keynotes in multiple countries and to a diverse set of audiences.  Every talk is customized to the audience and designed to drive action and impact.

Kumar’s talks include keynote speaking at major conferences, corporate offsites and fireside chats with CEO’s and executive leadership.  At just about every event, Kumar has been rated as the most impactful and inspirational speaker.

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“The Genentech team was inspired by your presentation.  You defined the framework and foundational elements necessary for innovation.  This is crucial to the success of a sustainable culture of innovation that we hope to create at Genentech.  The focus on the environment that we develop is so key and we appreciated the perspective and ideas that you put forward!  Thanks you so much for coming to the event.  It meant so much to all of us.”

Ellie Guardino MD/PhD, Vice President, Head of Safety Science Oncology, Genentech

“Dr. Mehta held an engaging discussion at the Boeing HorizonX annual all-team meeting. His insights generated deep interest amongst individuals engaged daily in reigniting the innovative spirit at Boeing and empowering employees to think entrepreneurially. His examples from his extensive research into innovation success and failures provided a credible foundation for his central themes – desperately looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’ in itself is counter-innovative.”

Pradeep Fernandes, Managing Director, Strategy, Boeing
“Kumar’s session in NYC was stellar. The topic was spot on and his approach to the topic really spoke to me and made an important contribution to the day. This talk was one of the reasons I consider that day one of the best I’ve spent this year taking time to develop myself. “
Amy P Wilkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Smithsonian Media
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