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Innovation Biome Workshops

Kumar’s innovation workshops do not involve ideation and facilitator-led brainstorming. We’ve all been to many of these and they rarely work. Creativity and grand new ideas do not appear on the days we clear our calendars to think about the corporate rainbow of white spaces and blue oceans and green dollar bills. It just does not work that way.

Instead, you are guaranteed to walk away with a deep understanding of the factors that drive innovation, a common understanding with your colleagues on how to build a sustained environment where innovation thrives, and specific steps you take when you return to your office. Applying the principles of innovation science leads to sustained value creation. Being innovative does not have to be opinion driven, there are scientific principles that can be applied to every aspect of innovation including team staffing, rewards, understanding of foundational principles and applying the right frameworks.

The Innovation Biome Workshop has two parts:

Part 1:

The Building blocks for Innovation, where you understand how innovation happens and the attributes that are necessary in your organization for innovation. Only through an understanding of the building blocks of innovation can you develop an environment where innovation thrives and happens all the time.

Part 2:

The Framework: Building an innovation Biome requires specific steps that need to be implemented. This section covers the CARE model (mapping the right tools to activities), The Experience Delta (Innovation’s currency), and the measurement and management of innovation.

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“One of the more compelling concepts that Kumar has taught me is the “experience delta” – the difference between the current experience journey and the new one. Now I know I need to focus our innovation activity on what really impacts people’s lives. I also have access to a better way to prioritise our diverse innovation efforts – the idea with the biggest experience delta is our number one priority.”

Mike Bennetts, CEO, Z Energy
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