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A History of Experience and Success

Dr. Kumar Mehta

Dr. Kumar Mehta

Dr. Kumar Mehta has been at the forefront of innovation, research and data analytics for over 25 years. He founded Bridges Insight, an innovation think tank committed to researching innovation and helping organizations accelerate their rate of innovation. Kumar has studied innovation before innovation was a buzzword, basing his 1990 Ph.D. dissertation on the diffusion of innovations. Since then he has applied many innovation frameworks in his 14 years at Microsoft and throughout his tenure building out innovative companies. Just as Kumar built a successful enterprise with a vision around the institutionalization of data analytics a decade ago, today he is embarking on a journey to institutionalize innovation science.

Kumar also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California.

From 2007 – 2016, Dr. Mehta was the CEO of a group of four companies employing over 1200 professionals worldwide. The companies he grew and managed included (1) Blueocean Market Intelligence (www.blueoceanmi.com) one of the world’s premier data analytics firms; (2) Cross-Tab Marketing Services (www.cross-tab.com) is a global leader in market research services; (3) Borderless Access (www.borderlessaccess.com) a specialist in emerging markets and (4) Informate Mobile Intelligence (acquired by Nielsen, the world’s largest measurement company, for its innovative technology). Kumar managed this group of companies with high growth and profitability, and without any external investment.

Before that Kumar was at Microsoft for almost 14 years. He started as one of the founding members of the very first research and analytics team at Microsoft and over time managed some of Microsoft largest and most strategic projects. He has directed over quarter billion dollars of consulting, research, and analytics at Microsoft. Kumar also worked in Business Strategy, Corporate Development, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Finance and has directly led a some of the most strategic analytic initiatives at Microsoft.

Kumar is passionate about education and is active as a board member for the Committee for Children (CFC), a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. CFC is the world’s largest provider of research-based educational programs that promote social-emotional skills and prevent bullying and sexual abuse. Today the organization’s curricula reach schools in over 70 countries, including 30 percent of all U.S. elementary schools. Each year, more than 10.6 million children benefit from these programs.

Kumar hold a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics from the University of Iowa and is a frequent keynote speaker around the world on innovation, data analytics and the evolution of market research.

Generating Insights in a Hyper Connected and Data Driven World – Keynote Presentation at TMRE 2015

Kumar Mehta interviewed at IIeX NA 2014

Some recent awards for the companies managed by Kumar:

  • Innovation Award, Direct Marketing Association (2016)
  • Big Data & Analytics Awards-Best Analytics Service in Predictive Modelling (2016 Winner)
  • National IT Excellence Awards-Data Analytics (2016 Winner)
  • Frost & Sullivan ICT Awards – Visionary Innovation Leadership – Business Intelligence (2015 Winner)
  • ARF Great Minds Award (2014 Certificate Winner)
  • SURVEY Magazine Top Technology Trendsetter (2014 Kumar Mehta)
  • International Bees Award (2013)
  • 500 Certificate of Excellence (2013)
  • Fortune Global outsourcing top 100 (5 years, most recently in 2013)
  • Deloitte 50 fastest growing companies (5 years, most recent in 2011)
  • Innovation 100 Award (2013)
  • 500 Award (2013, 2012)
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